Building Projects

The church building is a concrete sign of the Church community, formed from the “living stones” who are the believers, an image very dear to the Apostles. St Peter (cf. I Pt 2: 4-5) and St Paul (cf. Eph 2: 20-22) emphasize how the “cornerstone” of this spiritual temple is Christ and that, united to him and well compact, we are also called to participate in the building of this living temple.

If God therefore takes the initiative to come and dwell among men and it is always he who is the principal author of this project, then it is true that he also does not want to accomplish it without our active collaboration.

Thus, to prepare oneself for Christmas means to be committed to building the “dwelling of God with men”. No one is excluded; everyone can and must contribute in order to make this house of communion more spacious and beautiful.

– Angelus Address, December 10, 2006, Pope Benedict XVI

We have been greatly blessed by having such a beautiful church building in which to worship. It is a great gift of posterity and a witness to the deep and enduring faith of those who have gone before us. It is this faith that draws us still to this place. All of the beauty and splendor of this church was intended to draw us to Him whose beauty and splendor surpass all human understanding, God Himself, present here with us in the Eucharist. This truth is our greatest gift, and the knowledge of this is the greatest gift to us from our posterity. This is why I have asked that we gather together to adore Him who’s purpose we seek to be about. So that we might not forget in all of the practicalities of our discussion that it is Christ’s presence that calls us here and to His honor that we must work.

Over the past sixty some odd years there has been much neglect and many poorly done alterations to our church building. Our task is first to establish a plan for the restoration, in as much as possible, and renovation of our church. Following is a list, though non-exhaustive, of some of the primary issues to be addressed.

~Liam Cousino,  on behalf of the Good Shepherd Parish Building Committee