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Stem Cell Research
By Jim and Martha Liston

The subject I wish to discuss this week is far beyond my intellectual capacity to do it justice. I will only attempt to scratch the surface, providing information which you could easily find on the internet. However, I think it is time to set the record straight concerning the basic science of stem cell research.

Whenever I read an article in the paper concerning this subject it rarely defines the type of research being discussed or, and more importantly, the validated merits of the endeavor. They also have a tendency to pit the church against science to somehow say that we, the People of God, stand in the way of progress. Some progress is good and some not so good, dare I say evil.

Do you think the Catholic Church supports stem cell research? If you only get your information from secular sources I would suspect your answer would be, No.  Of course it is a resounding”¦Yes. As a matter of fact the Vatican’s Pontifical Academy of Sciences has a working group on Stem Cell Technology and other Innovative Therapies. The group is discussing one of the two forms of stem cell research, the one that has actually produced cures, the one known as Adult Stem cell research.

In the next article we will attempt to define the differences between the two methods of harvesting these cells and the benefits derived from the therapies.  Please stay tuned!

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