Update on the Restoration

Just to keep you informed about our Building Fund and Restoration, I wanted to give you a few updates.

Many have noticed the black devices on the wall.  They are part of a large-scale analysis of why the plaster is failing.  They are networked to a central server to help the contractor figure out what is causing the failures.  They were installed in February, and they were supposed to have sufficient data by the end of June.  The next step is an analysis of the data and the recommendation of a way forward.  The contractor, the architect, and/or the subcontractor are all on the hook for this.  I was in contact with them this week.

Many have also inquired about the broken kneelers. Our normal handyman, Wilton, doesn’t have the expertise to do this.  But we have hired a carpenter to work on them while he is doing extensive work in the rectory due to water intrusion and termite damage.  We have extra kneelers in the basement of the church, and we are able to cannibalize parts to fix the broken ones.  We hope to get all of the kneelers repaired before the end of the summer.

We have also gone a long way in paying down the parish loan that we took on to fund our $6,800,000 restoration. We now owe only about $100,000 on this loan, thanks to your generosity and the generosity of so many friends of the parish.  But there will always be something to fix in an old church like ours, so thank you in advance for continuing to support the Building Fund!