A Dozen Ways to Strengthen Families

  1. Tell a family you know that you appreciate something specific about them, e.g., the way they listen to each other, respect each other, help others, etc.
  2. Pray for all families who are hurting because of lack of communication and misunderstanding within the family.
  3. Ask someone you see today to share one special experience of his/her family as that person was growing up.
  4. Decide one thing you can do to help one person in your own family today.
  5. Set definite dates and times to do one of those no-cost family activities each week or month.
  6. Encourage someone you know to share one reason it is fun to be a member of his/her family.
  7. Remind one person you meet today that she/he is a special gift from God to family and friends.
  8. Give someone in your family five extra minutes of your TOTAL ATTENTION. (Be with that person without doing another task.)
  9. Reflect on what is most life-giving about your own family.
  10. Write a thank-you note to someone in your family. Thank that person for the love which you have experienced from him/her.
  11. Thank God for your own family.
  12. Tell someone in your family, “I love you because________________.”