A Message from Archbishop Aymond

A Message from the Most Reverend Gregory Aymond, Archbishop of New Orleans
June 17, 2010

Archbishop expresses gratitude to legislators for declaring Day of Prayer for Oil Spill Recovery

We thank the legislators for declaring this Sunday a Day of Prayer. This is a public sign of our humble dependence upon God.  Our hearts and prayers go out to those who were killed in the explosion. Likewise we offer prayerful consolation to their families and friends.

The oil spill has very challenging affects on many people in our community, especially the fishing industry, oil industry and related works. We also need to be attentive to the impact on our environment and economy.  We ask God to reassure us and to walk with us in this very challenging time. We pray that:

  • we may not lose hope,
  • we will persevere in tough times,
  • we will see God’s compassion and love in these trying circumstances,
  • God will lead scientists and engineers to a permanent solution soon,
  • we will bear this cross with trust,
  • we will reach out in prayer and with financial resources to those whose livelihood and family life have been affected.

The Catholic Church through Catholic Charities will continue to be present to those affected by offering food, counseling and other emergency services now and in the long-term.

God never abandons us but walks with us during this challenging time in the history of our state and nation.