A Note about the Sound System

There has been one thing for which I have received the most complaints since I have been here at Good Shepherd Parish: our sound system. It is something that one usually takes for granted, and it has become a thorn in my side. One of the most important things that a pastor does is to preach the Sunday Mass, and your not being able to hear me makes my job very very difficult!  After dealing with a variety of expert and inexpert technicians, I finally got in touch with the company that installed the system, and they came out to inspect it several weeks ago.  They made some adjustments and checked the wiring, but some of the original components have been removed or replaced.  With an eye toward restoring or replacing the entire system, they are coming out again on Friday. If there is no improvement in at least part of the church next Sunday, then I am thinking of getting another professional company involved. Please know that your frustration level with the audio system is only exceeded by my own. As I told the president of that company, I am at DefCon 4!