Come Home to Camp Abbey This Summer

Camp Abbey is an overnight, Catholic summer camp for children completing 2nd through 8th grades sponsored by the CYO/Youth & Young Adult Ministry Office of the Archdiocese of New Orleans.  Boys' sessions are June 3-9, June 10-6, June 17-23, and June 24-30.  Girls' sessions are July 8-14, July 15-21, July 22-28, and July 29-August 4.  The cost is $395 per week inclusive, and partial scholarships are available.  Camp includes opportunities for prayer, Mass, the Sacrament of Reconciliation, and Eucharistic Adoration, as well as activities such as volleyball, basketball, softball, flag football, arts & crafts, archery, swimming, boating, performing arts, camping, hiking, and rock climbing.  Come home to Camp Abbey and make lifelong friends and great memories, and grow in your … [Read more...]


Congratulations to our first communicants! Lorenzo Bogaert Tristan ClincyIsabella Dupre Therese FayardOlivia Francis Anabelle Goggin Anna HutchinsonKalia JacksonRaelyn Mornay Paris RayfieldJosephine Someillan-Harris … [Read more...]

Artificial Contraception

Moral Concerns Over the last two weeks, I have briefly defended the Church's teachings on artificial contraception by examining societal and scientific/medical concerns. This week I want to briefly examine the moral concerns. Once again, it will be impossible to concentrate on all of the moral concerns associated with artificial contraception. I encourage the reader (and especially the dissenter) to engage in research on the issue. But I caution: if one reads nothing but opinions disagreeing with the Church, then all one does is reinforce one's own ideas. I want to approach the moral concerns on three levels (1) the contraceptive mentality; (2) the slippery slope of dissent; and (3) the inevitable consequences. Most people who have a vague understanding of the Church understand that … [Read more...]

Artificial Contraception? No!

The Beauty of Human Sexuality Over the last three weeks, I have tried to explain – by outlining sociological, medical and moral concerns – some of the reasons that the Church has consistently taught that artificial contraception violates the dignity of the human person. In this brief article, I would rather focus on the “other side of the coin'”: what the Church teaches about the beauty of human sexuality within the context of a holy, healthy marriage. Far from bringing in secular sources for this article, I would rather summarize one particular document issued by the Pontifical Council for the Family entitled “The Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality.” It can be found here: Althought the document is very lengthy, I want to focus on three points: (1) the call to love; … [Read more...]

Most Cherished of American Freedoms

In 1634, a mix of Catholic and Protestant settlers arrived in Southern Maryland from England aboard the Ark and the Dove. They had come at the invitation of the Catholic Lord Baltimore, who had been granted the land by the Protestant King Charles I of England. While Catholics and Protestants were killing each other in Europe, Lord Baltimore imagined Maryland as a society where people of different faiths could live together peacefully. This vision was soon codified in Maryland's 1649 Act Concerning Religion (also called the “Toleration Act”), which was the first law in our nation's history to protect an individual's right to freedom of conscience. Maryland's early history teaches us that, like any freedom, religious liberty requires constant vigilance and protection, or it will disappear. … [Read more...]

Diaconate Community Mass

Archbishop Gregory Aymond will preside at a Mass for the Diaconate Community in our church at 11:00 am on December 26, the Feast of Saint Stephen. The Mass will be followed by a reception. Thanks to all of the Archdiocesan deacons and their wives for their commitment to this ministry of the Church.  The Mass is open to the public. … [Read more...]

Changes in the Mass

Beginning at Advent Over the course of the last few months, we've been discussing the changes in the English translation of the Mass that we'll begin using in two weeks.  As I've said, the bulk of the changes will be in the prayers that the priest leads. Below are the parts that will change, but remember we do the Holy Holy and the Lamb of God in Latin during Advent, so the changes. So when it comes down to it, the people will not have tons to learn! Old Text New Text ”˜The Lord be with you” R: “And also with you” “The Lord be with you” R: “And with your spirit” Penitential Act “I confess to almighty God”¦that I have sinned through my own what I have done and in what I have failed to do. And I ask blessed Mary, ever … [Read more...]

Thank you, Saints!

Good Shepherd Parish is very grateful to Greg Bensel, the Vice-President of Communications for the New Orleans Saints , who arranged for our Altar Boys and their Dads to attend last week's game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  Not only did the boys have a great time, but they were able to meet and get autographs from a number of the players, including star receiver Marques Colston.  And the best part?  The Saints won! … [Read more...]

Congratulations to Deacon Richard Eason!

On Saturday, December 1, Archbishop Gregory M. Aymond ordained 20 men to the permanent diaconate for the Archdiocese of New Orleans.   You might be familiar with one of those men, Richard Eason, who has been serving at Good Shepherd Parish as an acolyte for the last several months.  And now you will become even more familiar with him since he's been assigned to Good Shepherd Parish! As was reported in the Clarion Herald this weekend: DEACON RICHARD EASON and his wife Rosalyn have been married for 33 years. They have three sons – Blake, Kyle and Grant. Deacon Eason is an attorney with the law firm of Adams and Reese, LLP. Rosalyn serves as the religion coordinator at St. Ann School and volunteers as a court-appointed special advocate for Jefferson Parish Juvenile Court. Deacon Eason and … [Read more...]

Victim Support

In continuing our commitment of support and healing, we invite and encourage people who have been sexually abused recently or in the past by clergy, religious or other employees or volunteers of the Archdiocese of New Orleans to call the Victims' Assistance Coordinator: Sr. Carmelita Centanni, MSC, Ph.D, (504) 861-6253. … [Read more...]