Catholics Come Home

You’re going to get used to seeing this logo. Because for the next forty days of Lent, the Archdioceseais running a program called “Catholics Come Home. As part of the program, the Church will run over 17,000 television ads, not to mention radio, print and other media encouraging fallen away Catholics to “Come Home” to the Church during Lent. And to what are they “coming home”? Well, it’s not to a building, a “denomination,” or simply our Christian “fellowship.” A clue is in the center of the logo: the Eucharist. They are coming home to our family of love gathered together around Jesus Christ, who is the way, the truth and the life. They’re coming home to a communion of love with the Real Presence of Jesus at its center.

How can we help? We can surely be more welcoming. We can embrace new parishioners. We can become more involved ourselves. We can reach out to some of our Catholic friends and neighbors who are away from their faith.

But a very quick and easy way to help would be to give us the names of any of your fallen away family, friends or neighbors. The Archbishop has promised to write a personal letter to each of them, inviting them to “come home.” You can simply write a name and address on a piece of paper, drop it in the collection, and we’ll get the name to the Archbishop.