Corpus Christi 2012 – Thank You!


Thanks to all who helped celebrate Corpus Christi on Sunday! Even though the Archdiocese had to cancel the Corpus Christ Eucharistic Procession from Our Lady of Prompt Succor to Holy Name of Jesus, God gave us a gift of sunshine for the procession.  It was also such a wonderful day to have the Eucharist returned to St Henry Church!  Even our police office Karl was surprised we were able to process since his daughters were in the other procession that got cancelled when they opened the church door at 10:30am and it was pouring on State Street!

Thanks to all of our canopy bearers, Jeff Tegue, Kevin Bastian, Justin Lacour and Chris Heard, who encountered trees, sidewalk issues and I am sure a lot of perspiration for the Lord!

Thanks to for our Knights of Columbus, and for the fabulous singing to accompany our walk. Thanks to Brian and Phyllis for leading the music.

Thanks to Phillip Bellini and Chad Ham for directing the procession organizing the children sprinkling the rose petals (which were donated by Matthew Ponsetti), most especially our First Communicants.

Thanks to our altar servers, Tyler, George, Zachary, William and Dominic, who serve so well.  Thanks to the Daughters of Charity (Sr. Mary Ellen and Sr. Juanita) who walked with us without incident this year even though we changed the route!

Special thanks to Dan LeBlanc and wife Dana for all their hard work with the lunch and the cooking crew!  Special thanks to Laura Finnegan for planning, set up and execution of event.

Also for the kitchen crew Ertha, Rosary, Becky, Rae, Kay, Raymond and servers, Joyce, Virginia and anyone else who lended a hand.  The meal was fabulous and the cake was so fabulous!  Thanks to Rosary for handling the cake order which included a Latin greeting. Thanks to Eric Illarmo, Robert Hall, Greg LaBorde, and Doug Kariker, Jerry Toups, Henry Jobin, Bob Vaughn, Pat Guise, Eric Illarmo, Greg LaBorde, Robert Hall, Robert Morton, John Pecarrere and Al Parra, our KC’s who helping with frying the fish, setting up and taking down.  And thanks much to Gay and Doug for my favorite (early) birthday cake:  barbecued ribs! Someone did her homework”¦

It is such a faith filled day of love and community!  The rain finally came just as soon as we were safe in the school cafeteria, and the downpour meant that everyone was forced to linger and talk with each other more.  So we can even be thankful for the rain!

Finally, a big thanks to Kathy Fayard, who coordinated everything, and her husband, parish webmaster Mark, for handling her five kids and photographing and posting the photos so promptly!

If you have other photos, please email them to the office, and we’ll post them!