Corpus Christi 2015 Thank You!

Thanks to all who helped celebrate Corpus Christi last Sunday! God gave us a gift of sunshine for the procession. Thanks to all of our canopy bearers. Thanks to for our Knights of Columbus, and for the beautiful chant by our choir to accompany our walk. Thanks to our First Communicants.  Thanks to our altar servers, who always have so much reverence in the sanctuary.  Thanks to the Daughters of Charity.  And thanks to Phillip Bellini for setting up the Vatican’s Eucharistic Miracle exhibit.  Special thanks to Hunter Harris and our cooks for all their hard work with the delicious lunch.

It is such a faith filled day of love and community!  Finally, a big thanks to Kathy Fayard, who coordinated everything, and her husband, parish webmaster Mark, for handling her five kids and photographing and posting the photos so promptly!

If you have pictures of the the procession you’d like us to post online, please email them to the office, and we’ll post them!