Getting Back to the Table!

The dining table over the years has taken on a different purpose than originally designed. It has become the “dropping off zone” for assorted things coming into the house. When it’s time to eat, we grab a plate, get the comfortable place on the sofa and eat off a T.V. tray.

Losing the dining table as a place to gather and share a meal as a family is not all that is lost. Spending quality time with one’s family, utilizing the time to share the experiences of the day, gives the family the opportunity to bond with one another. Additionally, table time with the family opens opportunities to educate in faith and life.

Before starting what can be shared at the table, it will help to understand the dining table as one of the most important “tools” in the home. It may not be the place families spend the most time; however, it can be the place that involves each person and makes them open to sharing.

If this is your first time making the effort to eat together at the table, don’t get frustrated if the family lapses back to T.V. trays. Simply restart eating at the table. This will soon become routine as the family bonds tighter.