History of the Catholic Church

An “Epic” journey through Church history in a dynamic course beginning in mid-September!

Where: Good Shepherd Paris, Rectory
When: Thursday nights 7-8:30 P.M. beginning September 10.
Cost: There is no cost for the course. The workbook will be provided at no charge thanks to a generous patron who donated the books!
Contact Phillip Bellini for more information

Do you know your family history? The history of the Church is the story of our family. It is the epic story of our ancestors in the Faith – the heroic men and women who shaped civilization and spread the Gospel throughout the world. Knowing this story is crucial to our identity as Catholics. Just as we would uncover exciting and interesting stories of our ancestors through the study of our family genealogy, we can uncover our Catholic past through the study of Church history. Knowledge of our Catholic story helps provide meaning to the present, and the present determines the future. Learning 2,000 years of history can be a daunting task – but with Epic: A Journey through Church History, you can easily learn the amazing story of the Church.