Life and Family: The Culture of Life

By Jim and Martha Liston

How hard is it for a young person to lead a faithful catholic life today?

I think it takes nearly heroic virtue. Everything is up for grabs. Sex, drugs, alcohol, pornography; religion is ridiculed, faith is unspoken.

We need good examples for our youth. We need you!

Grandma, Grandpa”¦you’re up! It’s your turn to take charge. We need you to teach your grandchildren the faith. I speak for myself when I say I look back and see my failure with my own children. It is easy to blame the church, and some of the blame does rest there. It is easy to blame a depraved culture. Yes, some of the blame is also there. Yet most is with myself, who strayed from the church when she needed me most and gave in to culture. If you are like me, its time to admit our faults, strengthen our faith through good catholic practices, and get with the program of influencing the next generation.

Our faith has so much to offer the culture, and it may be ready to accept an injection of spiritual life if presented properly.

First, you can’t give what you don’t have. Get right with God and the church. Make a good confession and do it often. Start practicing some catholic habits. Say the rosary, go to adoration, and talk to the Lord as he is”¦your friend.

Your grandkids need you, your church needs you”¦Get in the game!