Life and Family: The Culture of Life

In our last article we tried to define the life issues as: Preborn, children, family life, handicapped individuals and the elderly.  We need to define the life issues because we are living in the culture of death.

Who cannot see the violence in our streets, where the taking of life seems to have become a sport. The suicide rate of our young people is climbing as life has become meaningless in their eyes. Some educated people actually debate whether it would be wise to legalize euthanasia of newborn children with physical or mental issues. Once we devalue any life, the door is open to devalue all life. We must recognize the issues and stand strong against them. Our church is one of the last bastions of hope standing in the breech. The church has had some champions in the recent past that have attempted to wake us up. Mother Teresa of Calcutta showed us the value and dignity of human life through her love for the unwanted poor throughout the world.

Pope John Paul II coined the phrase the “Culture of Death” and wrote a beautiful encyclical called EVANGELIUM VITAE “The Value and Inviolability of Human Life”Â  The Bishops of the United States published a pamphlet entitled “Living the Culture of Life” which is meant to help Catholics form their conscience concerning life issues.

Here is some homework for those that may be so inclined:  Read the article: “Culture of Life” in Wikipedia. This is a secular web site but treats the issue fairly. Within this article is a link to Evangelium Vitae and the US Bishops web site where you can find “Living the Culture of Life”