Lift High the Cross!

As the cross is being raised, a final thanks to our “Spirit Givers”!

Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Ballard, III, In Memory of the Bergeron & Boudreaux Families, Philip & Ella Boudreaux, Kathy, Molly & Katie Burns, Matalin & Emma Carville, Robert & Druscilla Charlebois, The Chisesi Family, In Memory of Mae Colgan Clementino, The Howell Crosby Family, Ronnie Demilio, In Memory of Louis J. Derbes, C.M., Martin Feldman, Dr. & Mrs. Norman Francis, Arthemise Galle, Joyce Griener, In Memory of Mary & Jimmie Hanemann, Hunter P. Harris & Family, Lucy M. LaBella, Ronald & Mary Ellen Leggio, Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Liljeberg, Sr., In Memory of Garrett & Claire Martin, McNamara & McAuliffe Families, Patricia & David Mitchell, Superintendent & Mrs. Henry Morris, The Nalty-Hanemann Family, Rev. Msgr. Christopher Halpin Nalty, Deacon Paul & Jane Nalty, The Paciera Family, In Memory of John Leon Pecarrere, Sr., Herbert Joseph Petit, Sr., For the Grandchildren of Edward & Julie Poitevent, The Rareshide Family, In Memory of William G. Raymond, Rivers Robinson Singley, Joel & Margaret Soniat, Vetter Amadeo Taylor & Renee Torina