Parish Ministry to the Poor at the Rebuild Center

August 21, 2014

Be advised that we had a great day today. We planned to feed 200 people and cooked enough food too do that. However today we had 212 guests at the Rebuild Center.

Thanks to our cook team which consisted of the following: Mary Ann Bohlke, Becky Brocato, Dana D’Anzi, Dorothy Forly, Hunter Harris, and Daniel LeBlanc.

Then today, Thursday we had a great group to help serve the guest which were: Dana D’Anzi, Dorothy Forly, Marjorie Frederic, Joyce Griener, Hunter Harris, Alice Lastrapes, and Daniel LeBlanc.

Our Thursday team came in and cut items for the green salad and bread to be served with the baby lima beans and sausage that had been cooked on Wednesday. The meal we prepared fed 202 guests and the last 12 were served a sandwich, Oh!  They also got an ice cream because they did not get a hot meal!

Dan LeBlanc