Pray for the Unborn

Recently, the group Americans United for Life released their annual “Life List,” a well-respected ranking of the 50 states based on their on-going legal efforts to create and sustain a culture of life. While the “Life List” notes legislative accomplishments from the previous year, it also takes into account each state’s cumulative record in defending and protecting the lives of their citizens – from conception to natural death. THE 2021 LIFE LIST honors the accomplishments of the top most pro-life states: This year Arkansas gained the highly coveted #1 ranking, closely followed by #2, Louisiana.

On one hand, it is very heartening that Louisiana is high on the list in the efforts, but it also gives us a special responsibility to pray that the right to life is granted to those babies in their mothers’ wombs who are in danger. Please join us to pray the Rosary each Saturday at 11:00 AM outside of the abortion clinic located at on the corner of General Pershing and Magnolia.