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Nationwide Insert Summer 2012

Lately, the Church’s teaching on contraception has been getting a good deal of public attention in the media. This has naturally led to people asking questions, especially if this teaching is news to them. Even as Catholics, we may be struggling with questions of our own.

It’s good and helpful for us to acknowledge and explore our questions. And it’s healthy for us to grapple with God the Father’s desire for our happiness. He understands our human nature””his Son became one of us (Jesus is true God and true man)!  Jesus, through his Spirit of wisdom and knowledge, can handle the questions, struggles, or anxieties we bring to him (see Matthew 11:28).

Blessed John Paul II, quoting the words of Christ, would often encourage us: “Do not be afraid!” We should never be afraid to pursue the truth. Maybe you’ve had some of the following questions, yourself:

What does the Church teach about married love?

What does this have to do with contraception?

Does saying “yes” to children at the altar mean never using contraception?

Are couples expected to leave their family size entirely to chance?

What if a couple has a serious reason to avoid having a child?

Is there really a difference between using contraception and practicing natural family planning?

Can some methods of birth control cause an abortion? What does any of this have to do with my marriage?

Consider that in marriage, spouses love not only through words, but through the actions and gestures of their bodies. In particular, the sexual act in marriage speaks of a total commitment to a future together””a future open to welcoming the gift of a child if so blessed and open to fruitful love and service to others. The Church’s teaching on marital sexuality is an invitation for husband and wife to enter more fully into communion with each other and with the blessed Trinity, the fount of life and love.

The questions above, and others like them, are answered on a helpful new web page,

Are we willing to consider the questions that live in our hearts? When the teachings of Christ are understood, embraced and practiced, they can radically change our lives for the better. Christ wants us to have life to the fullest. There is nothing like walking with him. No joy can be compared when we choose to follow him and live in his joy (see John 15:11).