Remember to Pray for the Faithful Departed!

Traditionally, the Church dedicates each month of the year to a certain devotion. In November, we remember the Holy Souls in Purgatory – faithful Christians who have died and gone before us but who still must atone for their sins. The time they spend in Purgatory cleanses them so that they may enter Heaven free from all effects of sin.

Praying for the dead, especially for those we have known, is a requirement of Christian charity. Our own prayers and sacrifices can be offered up to relieve their suffering. The following prayer, among others, can be incorporated into our daily prayers during this month: Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

Elmo J. Bourgeois, James Borrows, Carl J. Galle Sr, Cecelia G. Muth, Rose Silva, Elizabeth & Fervans Lapeyre, Marie & Ray Gordon, Eleonore & Jacques Livaudais, Alma & Olga Lapeyre, Tommy Ellis, Temple & Tim Brown, Leo Seal, Deacon Maurice Hartson III, Deacon Paul Nalty, Cathy & Nancy Hartson, Romo Roussell, Augustine Roussell, Paul Emile, Nancy Joseph, Monroe Joseph, Corine Joseph, Dolores Joseph, Tom Emile, Eugene & Jim Roussell, The Fowler Family, Ronald Fowler, John Hillebrand Sr, The Martin Family, The Hillebrand Family, Lester Heidingsfelder, Hugh & Dorie Evans, Frank & Helen Schmidt, High Evans, Jr, Louise Richard, William A. Richard, Frank Davis, Chester Baker, Kathleen Hickey, Warren Schuliegkamp, Donald Klotz Sr, Karen Klotz, Christopher Sigman, Art Geil, Ellen Conrad, Edna Klotz, Wade Klotz, Mary Kahl, Vetter Amadeo Taylor, Lena Amadeo, Peter Amadeo, Sarah Amadeo Wilder, Peter Amadeo Jr, Lena Amadeo Cook, Edith Taylor, Emma Nugent, “Grandma” Cosgrove, Birdie Cavin, Margarethe Smart, Steve Harmon, Marceille Harmon, Wylie Cavin Sr, Wylie Cavin Jr, High Claycomb, Verne Claycomb, Charmian Claycomb, Nellie & Frank Seo, The Coleman Family, The Seo Family, Sister Virginia Dunker DC, Sister Mary Patrice Murray DC, Sister Angela Neuhoff DC, Vincentian Priests, Brother James Steinbach CM, Mim & Arthur Baudier, Esma & Phil Martin, the Reverend James Fitzpatrick, John Edward McAuliffe Sr, Margaret McAuliffe Stacey, The McNamara Family, The Tracy Family, The Boudreaux & Bergeron Families, Twiller N. O’Connor, Louise Naquin, Isabel O’Connor, Henry O’Connor, Sam Naquin, Matthew Wischan, Taylor Naquin, Tillie Daigle, Ida Guillory, Adam Guillory Sr, Adam Guillory, Lottie Arboneaux, August Lopez, James Guillory, Mary Guillory, The Frank & Williams Families, Lloyd & Florence Savoie, Emile & Catherine Lehmann Sr, Joseph & Virginia Prima, Jeannette E. Miranda, Lula Prima, William (Bill) Collins, Lois Collins, The Frederick Family, The Cleaver Family, The Roach Family, The Stoll Family, The Griener/von der Haar Families, Herman Merthens, The Wolcrnski Family, The The Maciasek Family, The Sudecki Family, Rose Marie Melancon.