Thanks for all of the help!

Thanks to all who helped with the cooking, set-up and break-down of the Funky Fusion Fajita luncheon in the cafeteria last Sunday! Special thanks to Hunter Harris, Renee Torina and Kathy Fayard for organizing, and for Dan, Dana, Urtha, Bob, Joyce, Laura, Sister Joe, Ramona, Lilly, Dixie, Barbara, Inez, Lennie and Matthew, the St Ann crew and John for the meat. And to many others!

In the end we served over 120 people the dish that beat Bobby Flay on the Food Network. Father Leo also signed myriads of books and aprons promoting his “Grace Before Meals” movement to bring the family back around the dinner table. Just a note that my cut finger (actually six stitches!) is healing well, and it was no hindrance to my cooking and slicing forty pounds of flank steak single-handedly last Sunday! But thanks for the sympathy (and even the sarcasm)!