Thanks to the Men of Bacchus!

Many of you at last Sunday’s 10:00am Mass knew that I said Mass for many of the members of Bacchus before their parade rolled. I must admit that wading through traffic to the Convention Center isn’t one of my favorite things to do on a Mardi Gras Sunday. Well, I want to report that the men of Bacchus were very good to us as they took up a collection and made a generous donation to Good Shepherd Parish. I have been friends with a number of the members of Bacchus for years, and this year’s parade was surely exceptional – especially having Drew Brees as King! But one of the rewards for wading through traffic was when Pip Brennan, the captain of Bacchus, came into the luncheon carrying the Lombardi Trophy. Yes, the photo above is real. Congratulations to Bacchus and the Saints!