Update on America Code Blue

A local group of Catholic women organized a Blue Envelope Campaign which resulted in over 52,000 letters mailed from New Orleans to elected officials in Washington. The letters urged them to support legislation to overturn the HHS Mandate. The group, America Code Blue: Reporting Our Nation’s Religious Freedoms, has three goals. Inform and storm Congress with letters, educate people in the pews, and attract media attention to this issue.

With Archbishop Aymond’s support and encouragement to involve the local parishes, the effort has been a huge success. Parishioners have expressed deep gratitude in learning more about the HHS mandate and the opportunity to unite their voices against the mandate. One voice united with thousands of others resonates loudly. Our goals in New Orleans have overwhelmed our expectations. As one participant expressed, New Orleans is standing up for America! We are encouraged by this and we are urging other dioceses around the country to join in this cause.