Where Charity and Love Prevail”¦

I am rarely prouder of our parish as a whole than when I witness its generosity to the poor. I see it in our volunteers who come to daily to help with our ministry to the poor. I see it in our parish St. Vincent de Paul Society, who cooks for the poor at the Rebuild Center. I see it in our parish staff, who is so patient with the many people who come to our door or call for assistance. But last week I received a letter than made my day.

You might remember that Cross Catholic Outreach came to parish while I was on retreat in January of this year. And they did a mission appeal. They let me know last week that our parish had donated over $6000 to their ministry that helps the world’s needy and poor.  Wow.  That’s so wonderful. And it makes me happier that 97% of Cross’s money goes directly to ministry. Of course, we beat that percentage at Good Shepherd Parish. When you donate to our poor box, 100% of it goes to the poor.  Our administrative costs are borne by general collections.