From the Deacon

Call for Eucharistic Ministers 

When the subject of “needs” arises, most often we think of physical needs, like clothing, food and shelter.  However, there are a number of health care facilities in our Parish whose Catholic patients are unable to get to Mass and receive the Eucharist. They are often forgotten because we don’t see them or hear about them.  They have spiritual needs.  Here is a story I heard recently.

Gloria was a Catholic patient in a nearby nursing facility who was in poor physical health but with a sharp mind.  She had not been to Mass or received the Eucharist in several years.  Michael was a volunteer who brought the Eucharist to various patients in the facility.  He stopped by to visit Gloria several times and offered her the Eucharist but each time she declined.  On one of his regular visits, Robert was told by the Clinical Director that Gloria wanted to see him.  As Robert opened the door to the room, Gloria began sobbing openly regretting her failure to go to Mass and receive the Eucharist over the last many years.  Robert had tears of joy over helping Gloria get closer to our Lord through bringing her His greatest gift to us, Himself through the Eucharist.  Our Lord was present that day with both of them during their time together.

There are a handful of Eucharist Ministers in our Parish who are presently performing this great ministry.  Monsignor Nalty has asked that we approach the entire congregation in the Parish for help to support this Home Eucharist Ministry.

We need 15 volunteers to work in this ministry one time per month for one to two hours per visit.  The Archdiocese will provide the training for those people who aren’t currently Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion.

The rewards for the Eucharist Ministers are great in this ministry.  By reaching out to those in our Parish who have the greatest spiritual needs, the Lord will provide many blessings and graces to those in direct service of His will.  As our Lord said:  “Whoever you do for the least of my brethren you do for me.”

To volunteer for the Home Eucharist Ministry please call the Church office at 899-1378 and leave your name, email and phone number.  We will notify you of a brief organizational meeting at the Rectory in the next two weeks.

Thanks for considering our request to serve our parishioners with the greatest spiritual needs.

Deacon Rich Eason